Book Recommendations for 8-Year-Olds: Animals, Ocean Creatures, Astronomy, and More

What Books Are Suitable For 8 Year Olds?

At this age, children are ready for longer chapter books and enjoy the continuity of a series. They love animals, adventure, and magic.

Kids love this Newbery Medal Winner about friendship, overcoming social anxiety, and girl power. They also will be excited about the roller derby theme. This is a great read aloud or independent book.

Animal Book for 8-Year-Olds

8 year olds can be very curious about the world around them. A good way to capture their imagination is with a great animal story.

Children will love this bright and colourful book of animal families. Children will learn what each animal is called, and then lift the flap to see who is underneath (a daddy peafowl is a peacock, a mommy is a peahen and the babies are peachicks).

This is one of those rare books that can keep a child engaged while reading for long periods. It has a mix of understandable words, new words and unusual words (including an axolotol, jerboa and zebu).

Ocean Animals Book

The sea is full of amazing creatures that capture the imaginations of kids. Feed their curiosity about marine life with these ocean animal books.

8 year olds are typically ready for chapter books and may be reading on their own. This is a great age to get them interested in non-fiction. The Who is series covers famous people, places, and historic events in a way that children can understand.

Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy lifting the “peekaboo” pages in this book about Mister Seahorse, a soon to be father swimming around with Mrs. Seahorse’s eggs. This Eric Carle picture book also includes a five-page spread of supplemental information about the animals featured in the illustrations.

Sharks are feared, even by children, but the true story of Eugenie Clark, who fell in love with sharks is told in this picture book that shows kids how to respect and admire sharks.

Astronomy Book for 8-Year-Olds

This book is packed with a wealth of information about our solar system, stars, and the universe. It also has a number of interesting STEM activities that will keep kids busy and learning.

It includes profiles of astronauts of both genders, and shows how different types of scientists work in space to help make exploration possible. It covers everything from the first rockets to the latest missions to Mars, and features fun facts such as how much water is needed to make a cup of tea in space.

This is a great little book for children who are interested in constellations and how they were identified by ancient peoples. It presents a different constellation on each page, and has information about the time of year to see them, and tips for going stargazing. It even has glow-in-the dark constellation maps on the cover and internal pages! This is a part of the Step Into Reading series, and is suitable for children who are just starting to read on their own.

Stars Book for 8-Year-Olds

This fun and simple book introduces kids to stars, constellations, and the night sky. It talks about what stars are, how the Big Dipper and Little Dipper constellations appear in different seasons of the year, and why starry nights seem different. It also describes how to find these constellations and includes a paper bag star map activity for Orion and Leo the lion.

A fun read aloud with colorful illustrations, this picture book is an introduction to stars and the Milky Way galaxy. It describes the Big and Little Dippers, how planets orbit around them, why some stars twinkle, and explains that shooting stars are meteors.

This book is the perfect early reader for kids who love sports and regular kid stuff. It is a Newbery Medal winner and shows the power of perseverance and girl power. It is also a good way to teach children about respecting others’ differences.

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