Living with Nightmarish Housemates: The Hilarious and Outrageous Sharehouse Stories by John Birmingham

Children’s Books by John Birmingham

John Birmingham has had his fingers in many pies. He is an author who writes books ranging from humor to military science fiction.

His 1994 sharehouse living memoir, He Died With a Felafel in His Hand, became an international bestseller and was developed into a play with a long run.

He Died With a Felafel in His Hand

Birmingham’s hilarious vignettes of living with housemates gone wrong have been translated into a long running play, a movie and a graphic novel. They are a testament to the fact that this guy is a true Australian renegade.

The premise of the book is that Birmingham moves into a series of properties, sometimes for fun and other times for money or because the current housemates are so bad they must be kicked out. The tales of his beer-splattered kaleidoscope of outrageous sharehouse situations (walls falling off houses, drug addict flatmates, police investigating suspicious deaths) will ring true for anyone who has lived through 20/30 something communal living.

Birmingham is also the author of the alternative history books Leviathan, Final Impact, Designated Targets and Weapons of Choice and has written for The Sydney Morning Herald, Rolling Stone, Penthouse and Playboy. He lives by the beach with his wife, daughter, son and two cats.

The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco

When footage of bloody feet swam across the internet, Brisbane author John Birmingham took notice. He didn’t think a story about flesh-eating Tasmanian amphipods would be good for the world, but he did realise that it was a ‘story seed’.

Immediately he started planning his own tale of human versus monster. Birmingham says he’s never had so much fun writing a book. The result is a ripper of a science fiction novel called Wave Of Mutilation, which hits shelves next month.

Bec Dakin is the producer behind this year’s surprise cult success He Died With A Felafel In His Hand and its sequel The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco. The upcoming film of the latter is currently running a Pozible crowd funding campaign. She explains how the project came about. Plus she gives us the lowdown on the Brisbane-based movie’s future on the big screen.

How to Be a Man

With a tongue in cheek approach, Birmingham guides today’s bloke through the pleasures and pitfalls of manhood. Covering everything from how to impress a woman and spot a cheap suit to books you must read and how to clean your house, How to Be a Man will put the “man” back into menhood.

This hardcover book is in excellent condition with only minor wear. The pages are clean and unmarked.

Alternate history master John Birmingham unleashes an astounding new installment in his Axis of Time series. The year is 1955, ten years after Admiral Kolhammer’s 21st-century battle fleet was dragged through a wormhole across oceans of time and into the world of the Second World War — but not the same one we know and love.


In Dopeland Birmingham hurtles us into a bleakly real and terrifying alternate future, where financial disaster threatens the whole globe, a cloud of toxic waste darkens Europe and opportunists unleash their secret demons. A high-tech blend of socially conscious fiction and thriller, it echoes the best work of Tom Clancy.

Birmingham was born in Liverpool and migrated to Australia with his family at age six. He survived on stolen food vouchers and the dole for years before getting a job at the Defence Department in Canberra. After leaving full-time employment he freelanced for magazines including Rolling Stone and Australian Penthouse.

His writing style is influenced by the likes of Hunter S. Thompson and Stephen King – the body-on-the-line polemicists, and by the US historian Harry Turtledove whose books are based on “alternative history”, a revived literary trend that asks the question what if. Dopeland has a freewheeling, digressive form that wanders from the mechanics of the marijuana economy to speculation about which malt whisky complements a quiet reefer.

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