Offbeat Humor and Brilliant Characters for Children 5 and Under

Children’s Books 5 Years and Under

Children at this age are at an important turning point in their learning to read journey. With offbeat humour and brilliant characters, these books will keep them hooked!

Dame Floella Benjamin’s uplifting story shows that creating something magnificent requires patience and dedication. It also teaches children that they can manage their emotions by being brave!

The Noisy Jungle Book

Children who enjoy playing with lift-the-flap books will love this colourful, fun and interactive jungle book featuring a noisy caterpillar! Each page is dedicated to a different letter and the ink-and-watercolour spreads are teeming with clever alliterations.

Axel Scheffler’s colourful animals march to the jungle beat in this loud and rowdy picture book. Young children will be able to count the braying zebras, roaring lions and fluting flamingoes while learning their numbers in the right order. Each page has big easy-to-press buttons and the last page shows all the pictures for review. Tough, sturdy board book.

Help toddlers and preschoolers develop self-awareness and social awareness with these charming books that focus on the many ways people are alike and different. Includes: Some Kids Have Leg Braces, Some Kids Use Wheelchairs, Some Kids Have Autism and Some Kids are Blind. 24 pages. 6″ x 7″. Paperback.

Cyril and Pat

Cyril is Lake Park’s only squirrel, and he’s very lonely. Then he meets Pat, the big, grey other squirrel, and their lives are transformed as they have lots of adventures together. When the pigeons and ducks try to warn Cyril that Pat isn’t what he seems, Cyril is adamant he doesn’t care; they’re friends and that’s all that matters.

The pair soon realise life is a lot duller (and scarier) without one another and learn that it’s important not to judge others. This colourful rhyming story celebrates independent thought and the joy of difference.

Children aged 5 and 6 will love this interactive activity book with Moomin-themed games, creative Moominvalley crafts to make and over 200 stickers. This fun and imaginative book will keep children busy while developing their reading skills and learning the alphabet with Moomin characters they know and love.

Julia Donaldson’s Book of Names

Julia Donaldson celebrates her readers in this magical picture book, inspired by the children she has met at hundreds of book signings over the years. With names grouped by months of the year, colours, flowers and food, it will have young children delighted as they search for their name.

Best known for her modern classics The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child with illustrator Axel Scheffler, as well as Room on the Broom and Stick Man, Donaldson also writes longer novels including the Princess Mirror-Belle series illustrated by Lydia Monks. She is a former Children’s Laureate 2011-13.

The Circle Game

For younger kids who may have difficulty with potty training, this charming book provides a way for them to practice while having fun. With simple illustrations and a story that will keep you both smiling, this is one to share often.

One of the best children’s books for 5 years, this unique title invites you and your little ones to interact with the pages. A single yellow dot asks you to press it — and from there, the world opens up! Then it is time to read the story of a mouse who finds a strawberry and just can’t let go.

A great back-to-school book, this sweet tale shows how a circle starts small and grows to include friends and family. It is a reminder that we are all different but essentially the same and that our differences make us special. The winning storyline and beautiful illustrations make this a must-have for any home library.

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